The EB-1570K Video Bronchoscope features ergonomically positioned suction valves and angulation levers, optimized for balance and ease of operation. The simple one-component valves, available in semi-disposable rubber or autoclavable plastic, offer complete fingertip control of aspiration.

The 5.5 mm insertion tube houses a 2.0 mm working channel, and provides clear, full-screen images for examination. The EB-1570K incorporates a 210° upward tip deflection for easy insertion into the bronchial passages.





The PENTAX Medical VNL product range offers a complete solution for advanced endoscopy needs. The excellent image quality and i-scan technology will support both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Flexible video endoscopy will enable functional stroboscopy as well as FEES examinations in a patient-friendly manner. Our broad range of high-quality ENT scopes includes fibreoptic scopes, high-resolution videoscopes and a video transnasal esophagoscope.


Maximum Flexibility :- With flexible video endoscopes, anatomic regions and physiological function can be observed far more effectively than with rigid endoscopes. • Full assessments of the nasal, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and even esophageal structures are possible. • All video endoscopes require a video processor and have a bifurcated light cable for optional use with a PENTAX Medical stroboscopy system.


No Compromise in Image Quality :- Latest High-Definition and high resolution chip technology offer the sharpest images. • The powerful light source of the PENTAX Medical EPK-i5000 provides excellent illumination and the state-of-the-art i-scan processing technology delivers superb image enhancement capabilities.


Broad Field of Application :- Flexible video endoscopy allows the evaluation of physiological function for a diverse range of activities (e.g. speech, swallowing, singing, even playing a musical instrument). • Transnasal approach allows an unlimited view of the oropharyngeal and laryngeal cavity. • With the exclusively designed esophagoscope, TNO examinations can be performed to look beyond the ENT borders.

3)        INTUBATION




For quick and reliable intubation and complete airway management, choose a PENTAX Medical compact, battery-powered, portable intubation endoscope. This modern system concept is ideal for use in the OR, ICU, or emergency room.



The PENTAX Medical brand continues to be recognized for delivering cost-effective products of exceptional quality and durability. • Industry-leading service plans, financing, technical service, and training.


Up to 160° tip deflection, a tight bending radius, and wide angle of view, simplifying orientation and the placement/positioning of endotracheal tubes. • Ergonomically designed, lightweight control body, enhancing user performance. • Battery-powered light source for true portability. • PENTAX Medical CSV (Closed Suction Valve), a unique mechanism for improved suction. • The perfect choice for OR, ICU, or emergency room situations.



PENTAX Medical fiber technology delivers bright, clear, and high-resolution images. • Upgradeable to video image through connection to an ocular-mounted camera system.